This top shows a printout of the source code of the I Love You virus created by Onel de Guzman in the 2000s. The syntax highlighting is taken from an IDE configured to a Blue Monokai theme.

Story :

On May 4, 2000, the "I Love You" virus spread to the four corners of the planet in a lightning fashion. In a few days, it affected the computer systems of the Pentagon, the CIA, and large companies such as L'Oréal, Siemens and Nestlé. This small piece of code infected tens of millions of computers, making it one of the most virulent viruses.

The perpetrator was identified a few days later as a 24-year-old Filipino named Onel de Guzman.

According to the author of the "I Love You" virus, his initial goal was not to create dangerous malware, but simply to surf the Internet for free. At that time, it was possible to connect to the network from different telephone lines with the password and login of another person. De Guzman would have sent a first version of his virus to a few targets in order to get their codes, people he frequented in online chat rooms.

Later, the young man armed his virus to spread automatically, searching infected computers for the address book of the Outlook e-mail software and sending it to dozens of correspondents. De Guzman came up with the idea of naming his virus LOVE-LETTER-FOR-YOU.TXT.VBS: "I figured that a lot of people want a boyfriend, they want love.

Many people click on this message that looks, if you look too quickly, like a ".TXT" text file, but turns out to be a piece of "VBS" computer code if you take the trouble to read its name to the end.

Aggressive, the virus infects the computer's memory by taking the place of photos or pieces of music that it destroys in the process. "I Love You" will be responsible for damages estimated at about ten billion dollars.

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Colors :
- Dark blue fabric
- Yellow, white, green, turquoise, purple and violet source code printing
- Ribbed collar and sleeves in optical white
- White unicorn embroidery

Details :
- Collar and sleeves in ribbed edging 95% organic cotton, 5% elastane, 275 g/m². GOTS certified
- 100% organic cotton 170 g/m² knitted in Champagne-au-Mont-d'Or, Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region, France. GOTS certified
- Fabric printed by Alexandre Fruchart, best worker of France in fabric printing, in the department of Ain, region Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, France. GOTS certified
- Designed, modeled and made in Paris
- Embroidered unicorn in Paris
- Registered design

Care instructions :
- Wash this T-Shirt only with white
- Wash at 40° C
- Iron gently at low temperature
- Do not use bleach
- Do not tumble dry

This T-shirt is a large size. No matter what size you are, this T-shirt will have an oversized effect.

This item is on pre-order. The time needed to make this item is 1 to 3 weeks. 4 to 6 weeks may be necessary during vacations.

This item is eligible for Bitcoin payment.


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