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Our history

Who are we?

We are a brother and sister from Paris, both computer engineers. Our passion for new technologies and interest in Bitcoin inspired us to create something unique: a fusion of fashion and technology with an underground touch.

Our approach goes beyond simple clothing creation. Each design we conceive tells a story, blending our technical expertise with our artistic vision. We firmly believe in sharing knowledge and innovation, which is why our creations aim to educate while inspiring.

Our unity as siblings is reflected in our community-building approach. We aspire to bring together curious and passionate minds around technological advancements, Bitcoin, and fashion.

Quality is our hallmark. Every step of our process, from knitting the cotton in Lyon to crafting in Paris, is executed with meticulous attention to detail. Our commitment to authenticity is reinforced by certifying our models on Bitcoin through Verisart.

We are also exploring new horizons with our NFT collection on Counterparty, merging digital art and traditional fashion in an innovative space.

Finally, our love for haute couture shines through in our creations. Each design we conceive is a work of art in itself, blending avant-garde creativity with technical skill.

We set ourselves apart by exclusively accepting Bitcoin payments. It reflects our commitment to freedom, privacy protection, and the decentralization of the financial system. It's our contribution to making this digital currency accessible to all.

Welcome to Maison MAACHI, where the fusion of technology, fashion, and authenticity creates a unique experience. Join us on our quest to redefine the boundaries of expression through clothing that embodies the future.