Where are we from ?

We are the children of the apocalypse, marching against the inevitable. Against an archaic model, against the proselytizing of an alienating conformism, our generation has gone to explore the canvas. Other possibilities, impalpable, but infinite, and so much more exalting.

A hope guides us

From a disappointment, we took the momentum and went to visit the horizon. In the digital spheres, we tamed the flows and broke the codes.

The geek counterculture has thus propelled itself towards the future: anonymous, but powerful, altruistic and resilient, innovative and supportive, disruptive and performing beyond our expectations. 

From its orbit, it has prospered without denying its dreams, imposing its vision through its excellence and the urgency of its struggles.

We are legion

This story is our story. We are Stéphan and Stéphanie Maachi, brother and sister, computer engineers, and now creators of a weightless fashion, inspired by the multidimensional epic of our community.

In order for our odyssey to impose itself in the public space, we raise our colors high. The unicorn is our flag, a phantasmagorical animal, symbol of purity, rarity, success and universality, launched to conquer a celestial body.

The T-shirt is our suit to face the pressure. From the first prototype to the capsule collections, we have transcended it to claim our values and assume our objectives through an eponymous brand: La Maison Maachi.

To live up to our ambitions, we want it to be bold, chic and casual, made from the know-how of our best craftsmen, French-made, unifying and high-end.

An avant-garde T-shirt associated with an NFT, a digital avatar at the cutting edge of cryptographic advances.

An authentic technological and rare fashion accessory, symbol of a human adventure that we still have to write, at the height of our dreams.